Artist Statement

The essence of my work deals with an emotive response to fleeting glimpses of the landscape, with particular attention to the quality of light and how it affects the mood of the landscape. I find the energy and power of nature a strong stimulus and whilst I identify as a landscape painter, my paintings are not specifically about a place, but rather memories of places I’ve been, or moments in time, escaping, lost in a moment. When I paint I am immersed in the painterly experience, and as such the resulting work is meditative for both the artist and observer.

Working with oils on canvas, board or paper, I paint in a layering, sketching process. My painting process starts by creating a ground with thinned-out washes of oil paint, creating drips and splashes along the way. I usually work on a number of canvases at the same time, each mark spontaneously informing the next, thereby creating a series.

With thicker more opaque paint I work instinctively, painting out certain areas, or enhancing others, editing until a composition begins to emerge. Using brushes, rags or palettes knives I create soft layers with the illusion of texture. These built-up layers eventually result in an abstracted view of the landscape. I'm fascinated with the possibilities of paint, what happens to it as you mix it with different mediums and add it to the canvas. You can sense references to rocks, bogs, sea and sky but you need to take a closer look to appreciate the layers and textures of the paint. By combining my technical skills as a painter together with my emotional response to the landscape results in an atmospheric and poetic quality to my work, subsequently achieving a contemporary approach on the tradition of landscape painting.